Why I Stand

If you watch the news, you see people struggling all around the world. Corruption, oppression, genocide, terrorism… it’s difficult (for me) to understand what it must be like living in that kind of fear each and every day. America is not perfect, no place this side of GLORY is – but we strive to be. I challenge you to show me a country where opportunity and freedom abound more.

A poem by Meredith Looney LaMirande

I don’t do it out of obligation,
I don’t do it because I’m told.
I don’t do it because I was trained,
I don’t do it to be bold.
I stand for our National Anthem, because I’m forever grateful to be free.
I stand for the Anthem to respect, those before me.
The broad stripes and bright stars, are symbols of freedom which is rare.
The type of freedom that was won, while bombs burst in the air.
I stand for bravery dating back, to the Revolutionary War.
Battling the greatest army, not knowing what was in store.
I stand for the heroes who stormed Normandy, that fatal day.
Accepting that the ultimate sacrifice, might be the price to pay.
I stand for our twin towers, as a tribute that we have not forgotten.
I salute our military for ending, our fear that was Bin Ladin.
Our children are born, with rights and freedoms at birth.
How blessed are we to live, in the greatest nation on Earth.
Where democracy is our foundation, and there is opportunity for all.
A country free from oppression, our Lady Liberty stands tall.
A first class military whose dedication, is second to none.
Patriots ready to perform, when the war must be won.
We have wounded warriors who would return, if only they could,
Doing more for this country, than any single person should.
Heroes have fallen, their caskets draped in red, white and blue.
Stand up, sing along, their lives were given for you.
So as long as the star spangled banner, yet wave.
I stand for the land of the free, and the home of the brave.